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Living Gluten Free? Check out Udi’s Gluten Free Products and you could WIN

Couponista Queen was provided samples for review. All opinions are 100% genuine.

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When you hear the term “Living Gluten Free” you imagine a life without baked goods.   At least that’s what I imagined when I was told I was gluten sensitive…a life of no more toast with jam, of no more sandwiches, and no lattes with a morning muffin.  I got a little sad since bread and I go way back, and we even survived my short lived venture into carb free living (but that’s another story ☺).   Despite my sensitivity, I was stubborn and often lived to regret my dalliances with baked goods.  Ummmm Hello, I am Princess T and I’m Gluten Sensitive and stubborn.  I kept thinking I’d be OK that I could over come this.  I’d tell my body what to do.  Boy was I wrong!  Bloated tummy aches and troubles plus crankiness became my new bff’s due to my denial.  When it was recommended to me that my son also try to live Gluten Free, I knew it was time to act.  It was not just me it was now affecting my child so we had to make a change and make it now.

Thankfully I found Udi’s Gluten Free Products.  Their comprehensive line of gluten free products has made our transition smooth.  Now, I won’t say that I don’t stare longingly at the fresh baked roll at the steak house, but I can have a yummy Harvest Crunch muffin with my coffee in the mornings and feel fantastic afterwards!  What about lunch?  That’s where Udi’s line of sliced bread comes in, NO CARDBOARD taste.  Trust me you will not miss gluten.  You won’t feel like you are missing out.  You can have sandwiches again!  Pair them up with their Ancient Grains Crisps and you will be one happy camper.


What about my son?  Well he loves a bagel and cream cheese and he can have that with Udi’s bagels too!  And like any kid he loves a nice treat after a long day of 5th grade, and as you can see he loves Udi’s soft baked chocolate chip cookies.


Now I do have a problem. What is it you ask?  Keeping my husband and daughter away from my yummy gluten free snacks and breads.  But that’s okay, I’ll share ’cause I love them so much.  And since we at Couponista Queen’s Castle Headquarters love our fans so much, we are super excited to announce that thanks to Udi’s Gluten Free, one lucky fan will win their own Udi’s Sampler pack!  Simply enter using the super easy form below, and a winner will be selected after the sweepstakes closes at Midnight Central 3/16/14.

You will love Udi’s Gluten Free as much as we do.  Happy Living Gluten Free!  Good Luck!

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Couponista Queen was provided samples for review. All opinions are 100% genuine.


  1. Melinda fritz says:

    I’m on healthy lifestyle

  2. Elyse Moser says:

    I am going gluten free to try and fix my thyroid problems.

  3. I live for Udi’s Gluten Free Hotdog and Hamburger buns, especially in the summer. Makes going to a backyard cookout so much more fun when I can enjoy the BBQ too!

  4. My husband has a wheat allergy! Wheat free and gluten free has resulted in huge skin and vein recoveries.

  5. My husband has gluten-intolerance, g/f makes us all feel better, and I have a happy husband

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