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DIY Sea Salt & Olive Oil Exfoliating Scrub, the 99 Cent Store Version! Beauty on a Budget

Olive Oil Sea Salt Scrub

DIY Sea Salt & Olive Oil Exfoliating Scrub, the 99 Cent Store Version!

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 Beauty on a Budget 

Ever since I moved to Phoenix my skin has been so dry, my feet especially since indoors I’m mostly barefoot and outdoors I’m usually in flip flops.  During the summer months I get pedicures regularly and I hear those magic words, ‘Scrub $5 Extra’.  I end up indulging because my feet are a dry mess.  Every so often I splurge and buy a scrub that I find on sale at Marshall’s or Ross only to discover my daughter gets into it when she’s taking a bath, she’s a 7 year old with silky smooth skin.

I started researching DIY scrubs.  You just basically need a salt (or sugar, but that’s an upcoming post) and an oil  using the ratio of 2:1 and then you are ready to go!

I decided to use ingredients I could easily find at the Dollar Tree or the 99 Cent Store or even have at home already.  This week I hit the 99 Cent Store and picked up a bottle of olive, canola oil blend and a container of sea salt.  I am growing mint in my garden so I cut some from my stash to add for scent.  I also bought a nice glass jar but that’s optional.  Out of pocket it was $2 for my scrub that will yield a little more the 16oz of exfoliating scrubbing goodness.  That comes out to 13 cents an oz as opposed to somewhere around 63 cents an ounce if you buy a 16oz scrub on sale for about $10

16 oz of sea salt

8 oz of olive oil

mint leaves


First I took 2 cups of the sea salt and mixed in 1 cup of the oil blend. Once this was mixed well, I took my little food processor to chop up the mint.  I folded it in and mixed well.  AND THAT WAS IT!   It took under 10 minutes.


The fresh mint gave it a wonderful smell and I did not smell the oil one bit (that was a main concern for me).  I did the Madge test on my hand (remember Madge from the old Palmolive commercials?  Did I just date myself?  LOL) and I was amazed at the results!  I didn’t smell of olive oil, I had a nice fresh scent to the area I used the scrub on, and my hand is super soft.  Even my husband came over to feel my hand and do a smell test and was really surprised at the results!

I can’t wait to scrub up my dry feet tonight and show them some TLC.

What’t next for me?  Dollar Tree Sugar Scrub, Stay tuned!

Princess T ☺




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