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15 Cute as Can Be Homemade Valentine’s

15 Cute as Can Be Homemade Valentine’s

1. High Five Valentine

2. Color My World

3. Valentine Gardening Card

4. Color My World Teacher

5. I spy Valentine

6. Free Valentine Snack Tags

7. Valentine Tic-Tac-Treats

8. Dump Truck Coloring Valentines

9. Easy DIY Valentine Cards

10. Race Car Valentines

11. Lego Valentines

12. Star Wars Valentines

13. DIY Playing Card Valentines

14. Valentine Poppers

15. Folded Hearts Valentines

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12 Fun Holiday Wreaths to Craft With Kids

12 Fun Holiday Wreaths to Craft With Kids

  1. Torn Paper Wreath
  2. Paper Loop Wreath
  3. Yarn Wreath
  4. Painted Dish Brush Wreath
  5. Paper Plate Wreath
  6. Snowflake Wreath
  7. Present Wreath
  8. Candy Cane Mice Wreath
  9. Cupcake Liner Wreath
  10. Candy Cane CD Wreath
  11. Crepe Paper Wreath
  12. Miniature Bow Wreath
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Pretty and Stylish Christmas Garlands to Make Yourself

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Adorable Reindeer Crafts to Make Now

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen.  Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen and Rudolph.  Make an cute reindeer craft and name him anything you want to!

  1. Salt Dough Reindeer Footprints
  2. No Glue Musical Reindeer
  3. Toilet Roll Reindeer
  4. Pom Pom Reindeer Magnets
  5. Egg Carton Reindeer
  6. Printable Reindeer Antlers
  7. Handprint Reindeer Ornaments
  8. Stacking Reindeer
  9. Candy Cane Reindeer
  10. Egg Carton Reindeer Sleigh
  11. Paper Plate Reindeer
  12. Cupcake Liner Reindeer Craft
  13. Santa’s Sleigh and Team
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12 Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Make

  1. Dried Orange and Clove Ornaments
  2. Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments
  3. Christmas Card Ornaments
  4. Bottle Cap Reindeer Ornaments
  5. Snowflake Pipe Cleaner Ornaments
  6. Olaf Salt Dough Ornaments
  7. Paper Mache Christmas Tree Ornaments
  8. Wool Ornaments
  9. Mini Photo Frame Wreath Ornaments
  10. Dried Pasta Ornaments
  11. Christmas Bow Wreath Ornaments
  12. Easy Tin Foil Ornaments
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12 Jolly Gingerbread Crafts

  1. Stuffed Gingerbread Boy and Girl Craft
  2. Gingerbread Puffy Paint
  3. Life Sized Gingerbread Girl
  4. Gingerbread Play Dough Man
  5. Paper Plate Gingerbread Man
  6. Scented Gingerbread Man Ornaments
  7. Toilet Roll Gingerbread Man
  8. Kid Made Gingerbread Ornaments
  9. Montessori Gingerbread Decorating
  10. Easy Gingerbread Man Card
  11. Felt Gingerbread Men
  12. Fingerprint Gingerbread Man Painting
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14 Adorable Angel Crafts

  1. DIY Angel Tree Topper
  2. Clothespin Doilie Angels
  3. Cereal Box Angel
  4. Snowflake Angel Craft
  5. Paper Plate Angels
  6. Toilet Roll Angel Girl
  7. Egg Carton Angels
  8. Pinecone Angels
  9. Bowtie Noodle Angels
  10. Peg Angels
  11. Paper Towel Roll Angels
  12. Plate Christmas Angels
  13. Paper Christmas Angels
  14. Coffee Filter Angel
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15 Snowman Crafts For Kids and Adults

15 Snowman Crafts For Kids and Adults

1. Vicky Barone – Snowman Mason Jar

2. Twin Dragonfly Designs – Melted Snowman Ornament

3. Craftaholics Anonymous – Cute Button Snowman Frame

4. Eclectic Momsense – Button Snowman Gift Tags

5. Raising Little Superheroes – Snow Play Dough (Edible)

6. Kid’s Craft Room – Tin Can Snowman Craft


7. Simple Fun For Kids – Handprint Snowmen Christmas Ornaments

8. Gift of Curiosity – Plastic Bottle Snowman Craft

9. East Coast Mommy Blog – Snowman Door

10. The Cards We Drew – Snowman Holiday Card Holder

11. Twin Dragonfly Designs – Snowman Magnet Craft

12. Typically Simple – Snowman Ornament

13. Easy Peasy and Fun – Cotton Ball Snowman Craft

14. Craftaholics Anonymous – DIY Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen

15. Artsy Craftsy Mom – Paper Plate Snowman



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30 Easy and Frugal DIY Holiday Gifts


One of the best parts of the Holidays is putting my hands to service making gifts for those I love and cherish.  Spending a lot is not necessary to give the richest gift of all — your time and love put into the “perfect” gift.  See this list of 30 gifts YOU can make, and skip the mall.

30 DIY Easy and Frugal Holiday Gifts

Confessions of an Over-worked Mom – Easy Homemade Simmering Potpourri

Mission to Save – Bath Supplies Gift Basket

Mission to Save – DIY Pedi-in-a-Jar Gift including free printable tags

Ann’s Entitled Life – How to Make Your Own Lavender Bath Salts

Mama Likes to Cook – Sriracha Salt

Thrifty DIY Diva – DIY Coconut and Lime Bath Scrub and Foot Soak

The DIY Mommy – Make a Snow Day Survival Kit Chritmas Gift

Melissa Knorris – No-Knead Bread Mix in a Jar

Raining Hot Coupons – Peppermint Sugar Scrub with free gift label

Raining Hot Coupons – Gingerbread Sugar Scrub

Designer Trapper – Dotted Sharpie Mugs

Crazy Little Projects – Monogrammed Christmas Hot Chocolate Mugs

Crazy Little Projects – 3 Cookie Jar Recipes with printables

Savvy Saving Couple – Reindeer Hot Cocoa Cones

Home Making Hacks – DIY Candy Cane Sugar

Snappy Gourmet – Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix – Original, Mexican, and Peppermint

Thrifty Jinxy – DIY Swirl Vase

Thrifty Jinxy – Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Jar with free printables

Country Fit Family – Kids Art Coasters

The Frugal Girls – How to Make Photo Coasters

Six Figures Under – Homemade Fudgy Brownie Mix

My Frugal Adventures – Homemade Body Butter Recipe

Cleverly Simple – Glitter Candle Holder

Frugal Coupon Living – DIY Mani-Pedi in a Jar

Surviving a Teacher’s Salary – Simple Sew Aromatherapy Heat Pack

Style Me Pretty – DIY Gingerbread House Kit

Bubbly Nature Creations – Nail Kit Ornaments

Bubbly Nature Creations – Dip Mix Ornaments

Live Laugh Rowe – DIY Frosty the Snowman Candy Gift Pots

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Craft Thanksgiving Turkey Candy Bar Wrap Favors for Your Table



Thanksgiving Turkey Candy Bar Wrap Favor

Your guests will “gobble” up these cute as can be favors!  Use any full size flat candy bar.  We used Hershey bars!  Perfect for accenting your table as a favor or use also as a place card.  These are really easy to make and will be oohed and aahed over while your guests wait to fill their plates.  Enjoy!

* all craft items were purchased at Hobby Lobby.
I find some similar items online:


(2) packages of Felt Turkey Stickers
(1) package of Paper Leaves
(1) package of Fall Raffia Bows with Buttons
(1) roll of Fall Textured Ribbon
(2) 12×12 pieces of Fall Scrap Book (or colored) paper
Glue Gun
(6) Candy Bars

Take the 12×12 paper and fold it in half. Then fold it again in another half. This brings the squares down to 6×6 (inches). Then trim down one of the sides. Your final “square” will be a 6×4.5 (inches).


Place candy bar in the middle of a square. Fold each of the sides around the candy bar.

Glue the two pieces of paper together. Be sure you do not glue the paper to the candy bar. You want to have the ability to take the candy bar out of the party favor.

Cut (6) strips of ribbon (4.5 inches each)

Lay a piece of ribbon flat on the table. Place the candy bar/paper on top of the ribbon. Glue the ends of the ribbon on the back side of the candy bar/paper.

Flip the candy bar/paper over to the front. This will be the side you decorate.

Glue a fall raffia bow on top of the ribbon.


Glue a paper leaf (be sure to put glue on the stem) and slide it into the ribbon. Press firmly on the paper leaf so it sticks to the paper.

Add a felt turkey sticker.

Repeat until you have the amount you need for your party/dinner guests.

And that’s it! A super, easy Thanksgiving party favor your guests will love. And, you can also use these party favors as a name place setting at the table.  See how they look in our Rustic and Warm Thanksgiving Fall Tablescape!

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15 DIY Halloween Decorations

15 DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to make decorations for.  It is so much fun and really gets me in that Fall mood.  Check out these great and fun 15 DIY Halloween Decorations and get your spooky crafting on, and pin the post for later reference.

1. Spiderweb Garland | Source: 100 Directions

2. DIY Halloween Wreath | Source: Passion for Savings

3. Easy Halloween Milk Jug Ghost Craft | Source: Drugstore Divas

4. Colorful Skull Luminaries | Source: Crafts by Amanda

5. DIY Fabric Halloween Wreath | Source: More Than a Mom of Three

6. Lovely Lace Pumpkin | Source: Living Frugal with Erika

7. Bat Hanging Centerpiece | Source: 100 Directions

8. DIY Frugal Porch Decoration | Source: Extreme Couponing Mom

9. DIY Skeleton Party Banner | Source: Baby Loving Mama

10. Halloween Footprint Sign | Source: Home. Made. Interest.

11. Jack O’ Lantern Jars | Source: Who Needs a Cape?

12. Halloween Garland | Source: 100 Directions

13. DIY Scarecrow | Source: Living Frugal with Erika

14. Easy Halloween Door Hang | Source: Drugstore Divas

15. DIY Halloween Fabric Strip Wreath | Source: Growing Up Gabel

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Lady B’s Budget Boredom Busters! Make an Easy, DIY, Frugal Floral Hair Clip


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Lady B’s Budget Boredom Busters! Floral Hair Clip

Lady B is a busy gal and I am a tired Mommy.  Don’t get me wrong… I wouldn’t change a single thing because this child is on fire and I love her and her constant state of activity.  That makes us always be on the look out for fun things to make.  Recently, we were at a local mall and on one of the carts in the middle they were selling some cute tropical looking hair clips.  She loved one in particular and then I saw the price.

 Ummm…not happening!  So I explained to her that it was a little too much to spend on a hair clip.  ‘That’s OK Mom, we can make one!’ she said.  Well of course she was right, we are DIY girls and we can totally make these to play,  to wear for us, heck for her new American Girl Doll even!  Where would we go?  To the 99 Cent Only Store of course!

What did we find?  Well we found silk/fabric flowers with 4 blooms for $1, one large and a pack with two medium hair clips.  I have a glue gun and wire cutters so for $3 we were going to be able to make 3 clips!

PicMonkey Collage

Easy peasy.  Seriously like ridiculously easy

You cut the stem off the bloom and glue it to the hair clip and TADA!

I’ve truly have had so much fun with this gal this summer and we still have another week for another activity, then my Lady B will be off to 3rd Grade and I will find a way to fill my days with not so fun stuff 😀

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Lady B’s Budget Boredom Busters: DIY Homemade Frugal Flower Pen!



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Lady B’s Budget Boredom Busters: DIY Homemade Frugal Flower Pen!!

My daughter B is in a constant state of movement and creativity.  I had no clue I’d be on my toes so much.  My son is quieter but my Bumble Bee, wow!  So we were a little bored (lie, she was I could have used a nap, but noooooo),so off we went to the 99 cent store.  Between this store and the Dollar Tree, I find a lot of what we need to keep our creativity quota up and our boredom meter down.

What will you need?

Flower tape, its green

Silk Flower or flowers

Florist Foam, optional

Pen or pens, go crazy make a garden

Wire cutters (also a find at the 99 cent store or Dollar Tree)

Glue Gun (or crazy glue up to you).

Bored child

Willing Parent

unnamed (13)

The green tape, the flower (in its little pot),  the foam (not shown) and wire cutters were all from the 99 Cent Store  The Pen is from my school supply stash from last year and I think I paid like 25 cents for the pack at Staples.  I have the glue gun.  Now with this little flower that we bought, we didn’t need the foam or a container to put it in because it came with its own (I like to have a little pot but its optional).  I also like to take ribbon and glue in around the pot adding a bow for added decoration.

PicMonkey Collageflower

I picked this one because it had leaves. I took it apart and inserted the leaves into the pot, you can add glue if you like I think I may add moss or something to cover the foam (I didn’t for this because I’m making this frugal and you will use what you have at home).  Then I started on the pen, I cut the flower and attached it with the florist tape to the pen and wrapped around.  Going up and down the pen to fully cover.  I do not end this at the bottom, a lot of people do but it will come undone that way with use.  You need to keep wrapping back up to the top and use your glue gun to secure because this isn’t sticky tape.

PicMonkey Collageflower4


My daughter got the hang of this and loved it.  She plans on making a few more to have and to give one to her new teacher.  We also have a little craft fair at a local ice cream shop and she may set up to sell a few to get her feet wet in having her own business (she’d fry in Phoenix with a lemonade stand).   I have made these and put them in a jar to look like a bunch of flowers, I’ve wrapped single ones in cellophane as party favors, so many ways to use these and make them fancy.  You can totally take this and run with it and make it your own.  I like this option a lot.  The Flower tape will last for many many pens, and depending on if you buy single or a bunch of flowers at the 99 Cent store or at Walmart you can make a lot cool gifts made with lots of love for a little dinero.

Cause well really, Frugal Moms and their Kids Rock.

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Frugal Fun: Lady B’s Budget Boredom Busters – Make a washer necklace!


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Frugal Fun: B’s Budget Boredom Busters!

B is my daughter, I am Princess Thanya and well I work here at CQ headquaters for Stacy the Couponista Queen.  B is usually asking what I’m doing when I’m fiddling around the computer but its summertime so I put the pc to the side a bit more to hang out with B and her older brother and do fun stuff together.

We are going to visit family soon and B loves to give gifts.  I was doing some research on google and found a bunch and bunch did I mention bunch of ideas about how to make washer necklaces.  So I thought I have an 8 yr old that loves finger nail polish and glitter, lets do this!

First, I’m not going to tell you to go to a craft store that defeats the ‘Frugal’ description.  I can drop a pretty fine penny at those stores so I treat them as I do Macy’s.  My husband is in construction so he had washers, boy did he ever!  But if you don’t have any at home these run under 20 cents at Home Depot or Lowe’s where they sell them singly so you can choose the size etc.

Here is what they look like, pre-polish:


Next you need fingernail polish.  Well that was easy, B went to her room and came out with a good assortment, plain and gliterized.  If you coupon like I do you can score this on the cheap so again its ‘Frugal’.  You can also use spray paint but we didn’t have any and I don’t like those fumes and then the subsequent need for air and oxygen (LOL).  B had glitter and stuff from her stash of crafts so that was also something we already had and were not going to buy.

Today I went to Walmart and I found some cute scrapbook supplies on clearance for 50 cents, they had these cute little cards with envelopes and the little metal charms so I spent a $1 and bought those for our project.

B took over at that point with some supervision.  I added top coat to the final product to protect and we had the clear plastic necklace string because we are crafty but you can use ribbon or string  just whatever you have on hand (we have bought that at Walmart for under $3 and it has lasted forever and ever).  So for under $3 we have made some pretty cool necklaces that B will enjoy gifting and we spent time creating together.


Stay tuned…soon B will give a tutorial on the string game!

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Busy Kids, Happy Meals – Make a DIY Placemat Puzzle Craft

DIY Placemat Puzzle

Make meals more fun with this interactive placemat puzzle.  Easy to make with supervision from ages 3+.  Cheap and fun craft for kids.

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This is the time of year when you have more kids over to your house for dinner or snacks.  But sometimes you don’t have little ones anymore so what are you going to do? Hand them your iPad while taking a few Advils for the migraine you are going to have worrying about your tablet?  LOL  you need a more creative entertaining solution.  When my kids were little I always carried around a lot of stuff but sometimes you just can’t bring the right things with you.   If you are the  hostess you want to make even the youngest guest feel at home so Mom and kick back and relax a bit.

Have a placemat that will keep them busy and won’t set you back $10 ☺!

I’ve seen this made only with the foamy placemats the flat plastic ones will have sharp edges so don’t use those.

I stopped by the 99 Cent Store today and they had lots of festive ones to choose from for 99 Cents so the price is right, especially if its not a present, and you are going to have more then one child over so you don’t want to break the bank.  I’ve seen people draw out pieces that look like puzzles so it will depend on your level of craftiness.  If you are a novice crafter like me this will be perfect.    I’d use cookie cutters and shapes you have or can easily draw, larger pieces for younger kids and kids 3-5 maybe smaller shapes or letters?  If you choose a snow flake pattern like this how about using circles to make a snowman?

What are you going to need?

Cheap foamy placemats

exacto, utility or craft knife and a safe surface to cut on


cookie cutter, ruler, anything you can use to make a shape

15 minutes ☺

Make sure to cut out the shapes for all of the younger kids, and closely supervise the older ones.


I made a real simple one, 4 shapes I think for a young toddler.  You can run with this craft and make it your own.  Once it all fits back in place to the frame of the puzzle they can eat on top of it and then take it home!  I like this method because it holds a frame to pop in the shapes but you can draw interlocking puzzle shapes for a preschooler.




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DIY Frugal De-Wrinkler!


DIY Frugal De-Wrinkler!

Now just cause I’m a SAHM doesn’t mean I’m Mrs Cleaver.  How many times do I restart the dryer cause I forgot about that load and my clothes all look disastrous?  I won’t say but its more times then I’d care to admit.  I try very hard to be frugal now that I no longer work a full time job outside the home, and one thing that I’d occasionally splurge on is a certain brand of de-wrinkle spray that costs a little too much then I’m willing to admit I pay ☺  but you are looking at about $5 for a 16 ounce spray bottle or 31 cents an ounce!   Combine that with not so many coupons out there for this and I needed an alternative pronto.

I had bumped into the concoction for the DIY version on-line enough times to wonder if it works or not.  Will I have to iron?  Will my family be destined to walk this earth with wrinkled clothes???  Well today was the day I was going to find out.

What will you need?

Fabric Softener, for this I bought a small 28 oz bottle at the 99 cent store

White Vinegar, I had some but y’all know where to score this cheap.


You will use equal parts of all three.  I used 8 oz of each making 24 oz of this de-wrinkler spray.  The bottle of fabric softener will be enough for 3 batches so this batch will cost you 33 cents.   Hold the press!  This batch will cost almost what ONE OUNCE of the store bought kind will cost.  1 OUNCE vs 24 OUNCES.  Hmmmmm…

But does it work?  In the words of the Monkees (oh come on you know who they are right?  I’m not that old ☺) I’M A BELIEVER!


You spray your piece of clothing, smooth out and let dry.  PRESTO NO IRON NEEDED!

 Now if you are in a rush you can also spray this and throw it in the dryer and it will also work but I’m trying to get away from all that.  So it works, how does it smell?  Like Vinegar?  NOPE and that’s huge in this house cause the hubby can’t stand the smell of vinegar so this is PERFECT!  It will smell like vinegar a little when you spray but once it dries you can’t tell.  You can add essential oils if you wanted too but this is just something to take the wrinkles out so I didn’t want a heavy scent or anything like that but its up to you.  I always use warm water. Its my thing, I feel it helps everything mesh together more but that’s just me.  You will see a lot of different variations to this online some using less fabric softener some using alcohol, but I saw this enough to want to try it and I’m very pleased with the results of today’s little experiment.